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Rates Quoted are for 1-2 Guests.

$20 for each Additional Guest Per Day.

Weekly Rates Apply for Cash Payments Only.

4 Night Minimum for Holidays.

All Rates Subject to a 13% Florida Tax.

Payment Due In Full at Time of Check-In.

All Rates Subject to Change.

We regret that we are unable to offer a discount for early departure.

Each unit is allowed a maximum of 2 guests per unit. Any and all visitors must register with the office each and every time they arrive on the property. Our insurance carrier has informed us that the premises may be used by Registered Guests only. We reserve the right to deny and visitors in what we consider to be abusive cases or an excessive number of guests. Please keep in mind that this policy is to ensure that all of our guests have a relaxing and enjoyable stay with us. 

Pet Policy

We here at Island’s End know that people love their dogs, and we love our doggy visitors.For the good of the hotel and of all our guests, the following dog policy will

be enforced:

Dogs are allowed on a case-by-case basis. No cats. Prior approval from the office is

required. Office reserves the right to limit the total number of dogs on

property at one time. Guests will be held liable for any damage caused by their

furry friends. Dogs that disrupt the peaceful enjoyment of other guests with

continuous barking will be asked to leave. If your dog has separation anxiety

and will bark consistently while you are gone, you are asked not to leave them

alone in the room. If you are leaving the dog alone, and leaving property, we

ask that you make sure the office has your cell phone number. If the dog is in

distress and loud, we will call you to come back.


Aggressive dogs are not permitted. If your dog is not friendly with both other dogs and people, they may not come. We want no doggy fights here! If your dog appears

aggressive to staff, guests or other doggy visitors, you will be asked to either leave or have your dog stay somewhere else. We can recommend a couple of

good local boarding options.


Please clean up after your dogs. We have waste bags if you need them. Dispose of all

droppings into the trash cans along the alley. Please not in the rooms or by

the office!


A $20 per night per dog fee will be added to your stay. This is nonrefundable.


Due to insurance requirements, certain breeds are not allowed. They include but are

not limited to pit bulls, akitas, wolf hybrids, rottweilers, chow chows, etc.

For more information, please call our office.


We reserve the right to change and update this policy as needs arise.

Cancellation Policy: 

As a courtesy to our guests, we at Island’s End book specifically by the unit rather than by whatever is available at your time of arrival.  As a result, it is extremely costly when cancellations or changes in bookings occur.

Therefore, we find it necessary to adhere to our standard policy regarding cancellations or changes in reservations.  Our policy is as follows:

With a minimum of two weeks advance notice of cancellation or change prior to your arrival date, we will refund 50% of the required deposit.  However, for changes or cancellations received less than two weeks prior to your arrival date, we are unable to offer any refund of the deposit, regardless of the reason.

We would like to continue to extend to our guests the opportunity to book their preferred unit, while still keeping our rates reasonable.  In order to do this, we must strictly enforce this policy.

Reservation Policy:

All guests who stay with us have the first option to reserve the exact dates and Unit for the following year.  If the guest cancels the reservation, yet wishes to reserve the same dates and Unit for the following year, there are two options:

Option One

If the guest would like to reserve the same dates and Unit for the following year, total room charges for the canceled time period must be prepaid.  Island’s End will then rent the Unit on the guest’s behalf and reimburse the guest for all the nights that were rented.

Option Two

The guest must wait to see if the time slot is re-booked by the person who occupied and paid for the time period the guest had canceled.  If the Unit was not re-booked, the guest may then book for the following year at that time.  

To Cancel or Modify a Reservation.

To cancel or modify an existing reservation, please call us at +17273605023.

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